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Hello everyone. 
Holy smokes. 2nd week of July already! We are well into the summer now and anticipating a bunch of crops coming in for your eating pleasure and leisure. If folks would like to see the farm and talk all things vegetable and food security please come on out this Saturday 3:30pm - 5:00pm for a stroll through the fields and a chat about food security and what that really means.
Field report:
We just seeded a bunch of things in anticipation of that thing I remember we would call rain. We did get a bit this morning but no penetrating rain. I won't delve too long on this subject but here is a synopsis of what's happening. Officially speaking we are in a drought. We have lost in the neighbourhood of $6000 worth of potential crops so far. Crops being things we seeded that never germinated. Beans, edamame, turnips, arugula, red bok chois, baby chard and 2000lbs of potential carrots. We usually get at least 2 good rains in May and one or two in June. We got 1 rain in June somewhere around 10mm. That rain helped with established crops but we still got poor germination on somethings as it got hot and dry immediately afterwards. That rain was a week after I seeded for the 90% chance of 15 mm - 20 mm they said were coming. We are very sandy here so it is a challenge keeping moisture especially with high temperatures. We are being more then diligent now with seeding and watering and covering with row cover to keep moist soil! We will have a lull in beans for a bit and dill as it failed to germinate three times.
This weeks share will include some of the following items. We have the nicest garlic we've ever grown for you all. Wait until you see it! No water was afforded to it so it is very flavourful. We also have some beautiful mild giant onions. They are called walla walla and are great raw or cooked. We also have kohlrabi, cabbage, baby bok chois, navet des vertus marteau salad turnips, swiss chard, kale, parsley, limited peas/zucchini/cucumbers, cylindra beets, basil (regular and lemon) and a new basil type spice called shiso. It is dark red and has an insane intense flavour. You have to try it. It actually changes flavour as you eat it. My sister in law makes vietnamese spring rolls with it. She puts pork or scrambled egg, noodles or rice, lemon or lime juice, raw kohlrabi/salad turnip chunks or shredded, peanuts or any type of nut, any type of green and some sesame oil or tamari for more flavour along with the shiso. Dip a rice paper in water for 3-5 seconds then fill and wrap. You could also fry it when done for crispiness. Feel free to sautee some onion or garlic along with some chard or kale in a pan and let that be your other green. Our picky kids will even eat these!
Hopefully we'll see some of you on the farm tomorrow afternoon. Rain or shine!!! Please be the former of the two. (crossing fingers)
No oke this e-mail. I will tell one joke tomorrow. Hopefully that is incentive to come and not a deterrent. With my track record it could go either way!
Kevin and the Shared Harvest Farm crew


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