May 6th

The Stotts

Bluesy folk rock and roll' is the best way to describe this small town, big dream band from right here in Dunnville. The Stotts may only be a year old as a band but that hasn't stopped them from getting their classic rock meets swampy blues sound into people's ears. From TV, to radio to music festivals alongside some of Canada's favourite bands, The Stotts are excited for an intimate night of organic food and music at Shared Harvest.

Dinner Menu

Spicy Almond Carrot Soup

Sweet Potato-Black Bean Pasta Rolls with coconut-lime tahini sauce​

Blueberry Coconut Cake​

Time: Dinner 6:30 pm, Music 8:00 pm

​​Limited Tickets. Please reserve ASAP.
​Get your ticket online or contact us 905-701-7255

Dinner  Music Ticket $35

Only Music Ticket $10

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