1. Contact us for Sign Up Sheet, fill it out and send it back to us via e-mail or mail.​​ 

Thank you. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Delivery areas

Dunnville + 20 km            Cayuga + 20 km             Port Colborne +20 km              St. Catherines

​We now offer fresh vegetables right to your door. A great opportunity for learning to eat with the seasons.​

Veggie Box Program:

- A variety of fresh harvested, certified organic vegetables once a week delivered to your home.
- Delivery starts in Mid June on a week day evening (exact date will be announced closer to June)
- Both farmer & customer share the risk of the growing season. The customer will always receive vegetables, however the variety & amount might change dependent on severe weather conditions. I.e. hail, severe drought/rain, early frost/snow etc...

Regular Share: Full Season $864

                                   Summer Season $540

Community Farm & Educational Centre

Sign Up Steps

Example of a weekly Small Share at $18

- 1 bunch of kale            - 1 garlic

- 2 lb of onions                - 2 lbs of tomatoes

- 1 quart of beans          - 2 lbs of carrots

Sign Up for your weekly Veggie - Box

3. Payment

Life time farm membership

10% discount on any events, workshops: $20

Small Share:      Full Season $576         

                                  Summer Season $360   


Small $18       Regular $27      

Full Season Share 32 weeks (June to January): Small $576, Regular $864 

Summer Share 20 weeks (June to October): Small $360, Regular $540


Example of a weekly Regular Share box  at $27
-1 bunch of kale                 - 1bunch (2 lbs) of carrots
- bag of mixed greens      - quart of onions
- quart of beans                  - quart of tomatoes
-1 garlic                                  -1 bunch of salad turnips

- 2 lbs beets

2. Payment Options




Paypal - Note 4% Service Charge​​